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"Action Triggers" Help Us To Achieve Goals

If you haven't read the book, "Switch", I suggest you add it to your list. In this book, Chip and Dan Heath talk about change and how we each can accomplish it.

I'd like to share with you one of the concepts they talk about called "Action Triggers".

Our environment can reinforce or deter our habits.  Habits can be good or bad.  We say we have established a "habit" when our actions occur on autopilot. If we are to change, we must change our habits, and, our habits are centered in our environment.

"Action Triggers" are used to help us establish new habits.

Although changing our environment can help us change a habit, it is often hard to move our office or home.  But, we can change habits by altering our mindset using an "Action Trigger".

Take prospecting. Many of us putt off prospecting because we view it as unpleasant.  Give yourself an "action trigger".

"Tomorrow, when I pour myself a cup of coffee, I will make 5 new prospecting calls."

The coffee becomes the trigger for the calls.

Some of us find it difficult to make time for planning our weeks.

"I'll plan my week in my study on Sunday evenings after the kids are in bed."

Preloading the decision as to where and when you will do a particular activity increases the likelihood that you will get it done.  It sets up an "instant habit".

The next time you need to establish a new action, specify where and when you will do it.  Give yourself an "Action Trigger".  Science and self-help combine to help you to reach your goal.


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