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Regular radioinfo contributor Ian MacRae posts industry news that comes into the categories of rumour, gossip, scandal and radio people behaving badly. Macca encourages you to submit anything you think fits and is keen to receive any feedback on stuff you see here. You can contact him at

Radio host makes annual 9/11 flag tribute happen

The annual planting of flags representing each of the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attack was threatened this year by the city of Des Moines claiming a lack of enough flags and volunteers.
Confronted with the city's claim, afternoon host on news-talk WHO, Simon Conway, determined not to allow anything to stand in the way of the...

13 September 2019

BBC pulling its content from third-party platforms

TuneIn has announced that the BBC was pulling its domestic streams from its service. The change will only impact UK listeners of live radio streams and won't effect BBC Podcasts.
The BBC's departure from TuneIn is just one of many recent actions it's taken this year to control how listeners consume its content. Earlier this year, the BBC left Google's...

14 August 2019

Capital’s Roman Kemp in trouble for repeated swear words

The UK’s Capital network has been found in breach of two Ofcom rules for broadcasting a pre-recorded offensive item twice in the same breakfast show.
Content with the offensive language, (an F bomb), was broadcast in a segment at 6.10am, for which the breakfast presenter apologised.
The exact same content, a prank call, was then broadcast again at 8.15...

08 August 2019

Radio stations to broadcast Trump speeches daily through 2020 election

Three radio stations in Panama City, Florida, classic rock WRBA-FM country WKNK-FM and adult hits WASJ-FM, will broadcast portions of speeches by President Trump each hour through the 2020 election, says owner Samuel Rogatinsky
The stations were all knocked off the air after Hurricane Michael damaged...

16 May 2019

Florida radio station holds another 'Win a Baby' contest

A Florida radio station is in the news again thanks to a controversial contest.
For the second year in a row, Fort Myers's 103.9 is giving away a round of in vitro fertilization for a couple struggling with infertility.
The man behind the giveaway, host Jason “Big Mama” Jones said that he and his wife came up with the...

13 May 2019

Here is the nudes

John Humphrys was given the shock of his life on BBC 4 as he interviewed a Cambridge University economist who suddenly stripped naked in the Radio 4 studio.

Dr Victoria Bateman, (partially pictured), a fellow in economics at Gonville and Caius College, who regularly delivers lectures in the nude, surprised the veteran host...

11 February 2019

BBC Radio host found dead after leaving show mid-shift

A British radio presenter who left her show while it was on air and was found dead at home hours later had taken her own life, an inquest has heard.
Vicki Archer, 41, left work mid-shift during the BBC radio drivetime show.
She had emailed a colleague at BBC Radio Shropshire to say she was feeling upset and left about...

06 December 2018

Two suspects arrested over murder of British radio DJ in Lebanon

Two men have been arrested for the murder of British radio presenter Gavin Ford (pictured) in Lebanon.
Mr Ford, 53, was reportedly found bludgeoned and strangled with his hands tied behind his back at his apartment in a mountain town close to the capital Beirut.
The suspects, both Syrian, were  arrested in...

04 December 2018

DJ with audience of one gets BBC radio special

Deke Duncan (pictured) has been broadcasting his radio station to an audience of one for 44 years. 

As a 29-year-old, Duncan began running his radio station from a garden shed in Hertfordshire in the 1970s. His set-up began broadcasting as Radio 77 and featured its own jingles. He called in friends to help maintain its dawn-to-midnight weekend...

23 November 2018

Presenter mistakenly calls for BBC to change name of radio show

Presenter Jeremy Vine (pictured) says BBC Radio 2's “Drivetime” show should be renamed because it celebrates "a form of transport that kills 1,700 people a year.
Sara Cox is set to replace the current co-presenters as host of the show, which runs between 17:00 and 19:00 GMT, in 2019.
Vine, who hosts his own Radio 2...

12 November 2018

Charlie Sloth leaves Radio 1 after invading stage at awards ceremony

BBC Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth (born Ian Paul Rouillon) has left the station after jumping on stage and swearing at a fellow presenter during an awards ceremony.
He had been due to leave his weekday evening show The 8th in the coming weeks but his time with the station has come to an immediate end after the incident....

23 October 2018

BBC radio presenter is mistaken for racist French rapper then gets death threats

A local BBC presenter said he has received death threats online after being mistaken for a French rapper who was accused of racism.
Radio Norfolk presenter Nick Conrad, shares a name with a provocative French rapper, who released a music video called Pendez Les Blancs - which translates as "hang the whites".

06 October 2018

Radio reporter stabbed to death in central Somalia

There's another job for a radio reporter just opened up in Somalia. The job is no longer held by Abdirizak Said Osman (pictured), because he's been stabbed to death by unknown attackers at around 11 p.m. as he left Voice of Peace, a local radio station in the city of Galkayo.
Apparently Osman had recently done several...

21 September 2018

Heart Extra in trouble for playing explicit song 7 times

The Global group has been found in breach of two Broadcasting Code rules for playing a song containing two offensive words a total of seven times in one week on Heart Extra.
The song in question – "All the Stars" by Kendrick Lamar – was only taken off rotation when the station was alerted to the broadcast of offensive language by a listener. The...

12 September 2018

Radio legend quits in middle of his show

It happened in Cleveland when John Lanigan, (pictured), announced that day’s show on WTAM would be his last.
For the past four years, Lanigan had done a one-hour (9:00 am – 10:00 am) program called “The Spew” on the iHeartMedia news/talk station. After a segment on the worst presidents in history, however, Lanigan diverted...

11 August 2018

Masked man enters radio station studio and shoots DJ in Wisconsin

A man wearing a mask and hood entered a Wisconsin radio station early on a Sunday morning and opened fire on three disc jockeys in the broadcast studio.
WORT FM, a radio station based in Madison, said in a statement that five gunshots were fired, injuring one DJ in the buttocks and shattering the glass between studios.

The injured DJ was...

09 August 2018

China professor missing after radio interview is interrupted

The whereabouts of a Chinese professor known for his views critical of the government remains after police interrupted his radio interview with U.S. government broadcaster Voice of America.
Sun Wenguang was speaking to the station when he says that half a dozen officers barged into his apartment in the eastern city of Jinan. He can be heard...

09 August 2018

Radio host Art Bell died of accidental drug overdose: coroner

Longtime Nevada based radio personality Art Bell died of an accidental overdose from a cocktail of prescription drugs according to the Clark County coroner’s office..
Bell died April 13 in a bedroom of his Pahrump home at age 72. The coroner’s office determined he had four prescription medications in his system: the opioid oxycodone...

02 August 2018

Radio announcer shot dead in the Philippines

Radio broadcaster Joey Llana (pictured) was shot and killed while driving his car to Legazpi for his radio program on 92.3 FM Home Radio Legazpi when he was ambushed.
Police said Llana, 43, was shot 14 times with a .45-caliber gun and a 9mm pistol by unidentified gunmen.

24 July 2018

Adolf Hitler speech transmitted on police radios across Chicago

An Adolf Hitler speech shown in a 1935 Nazi propaganda film was broadcast over Chicago police radios in an unauthorised transmission. (Who would actually authorise it anyway?)
The audio was from a speech made by the Nazi leader in Leni Riefenstahl's production of 'Triumph of the Will', according to Imke Meyer...

09 July 2018


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