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Weird Wonderful World

Regular radioinfo contributor Ian MacRae posts industry news that comes into the categories of rumour, gossip, scandal and radio people behaving badly. Macca encourages you to submit anything you think fits and is keen to receive any feedback on stuff you see here. You can contact him at

Radio station offers $40,000 prize for transgender person's transition

A top 40 radio station in Canada is offering $40,000 (about US$30,300) to help a listener transition to a different gender.
The New Hot 89.9 in Ottawa, Ontario, launched "The New Normal" contest and sought personal stories from all Canadian residents. The Program Director Josie Fenech said the winning entrant will be able to use...

11 September 2015

Radio hosts suspended for saying on-air killings of TV journalists was hoax

Two Missouri radio show personalities were suspended for an unspecified period of time for suggesting the on-camera murder of two Virginia TV journalists was a hoax intended to increase support for stronger gun laws.
Joe Rios, the host of call-in show "Cracker Barrel," and Rick Masters, his telephone screener, made the...

11 September 2015

On air altercation puts show off-air

A popular Winston-Salem North Carolina morning radio show is off the air after the station said two of its members were suspended for a "physical altercation."
107.5 WKZL posted on its Facebook page that Jared Pyke and Jason Goodman (pictured) of "Jared and Katie in the Morning" were suspended indefinitely,...

14 August 2015

Actors shut down radio interview over racist, sexist questions

Actors from the new Fantastic Four film walked out of an interview with a pair of Atlanta radio personalities when the two DJs insisted on asking rude, inappropriate questions.
According to BuzzFeed, actors Jamie Bell (Thing), Kate Mara (Susan Storm) and Michael B. Jordan (The Human Torch) became...

04 August 2015

Radio station broadcasts under water

Hundreds of divers and snorkelers took to the sea to listen to a local radio station’s four-hour broadcast in the ocean at Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
Staged by radio station WWUS and the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce, the festival encouraged coral reef protection and environmentally responsible diving. The event took place at Looe...

13 July 2015

Radio host in trouble for killing rabbit on air

A Danish radio host, Asger Juhl, (pictured) got himself in serious trouble after allegedly killing a 9-week-old bunny named Allen during a live broadcast on Radio24syv.
Juhl said he killed the rabbit, which was considered a pet, with three strikes to its head with a bike pump, claiming the death was a statement to those...

06 June 2015

iHeartMedia sued over text message ads

A lawsuit has been filed against (previously Clear Channel), over what the complaint terms "unauthorized text messages" sent to consumers' cell phones by the company's radio stations.
In the complaint, styled as a class action, the network is...

06 June 2015

Radio station broadcasts an attempted carjacking live on air

The unbelievable moment was captured on 612 ABC Brisbane just after 9.30pm when a woman called to discuss her hair pin collection.
The woman was heard discussing her collection when she was interrupted by two men yelling and swearing.
Host David Curnow (pictured) quickly put the call on hold, unsure of what had just...

02 June 2015

iHeart Radio gets $1 million for improper emergency alerts

U.S. regulatory body the FCC has hit iHeartCommunications with a $1 million fine for airing a false emergency alert during the broadcast of the nationally syndicated “The Bobby Bones Show.”
The FCC said that the false alert was heard on iHeartRadio’s station in WSIX-FM in Nashville, Tenn., on Oct. 24. The FCC said that Bones, while...

22 May 2015

Man caught cheating on wife on live radio phone-in

An unsuspecting caller to a Dublin radio station admitted to having four one-night stands - but had no idea a friend of his wife would be listening.
A caller to Dublin's Niall Boylan Show, named Michael, contributed to a...

13 May 2015


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