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Weird Wonderful World

Regular radioinfo contributor Ian MacRae posts industry news that comes into the categories of rumour, gossip, scandal and radio people behaving badly. Macca encourages you to submit anything you think fits and is keen to receive any feedback on stuff you see here. You can contact him at

Presenter accidently rants on-air

MoreFM listeners were treated to a reportedly expletive-filled rant when co-host Joe Cotton (pictured) didn't realise audio from her microphone was live.
The rant was described by a listener as "foul mouthed" after it aired at 7pm on Tuesday.
One listener said: "Joe was unaware her microphone was still on and...

07 May 2015

Pot Talk Radio

With more U.S. states legalising marijuana for medical and recreational use, marijuana media is growing like a weed, including an array of new online publications, social networks, and podcasts targeting consumers and business people.
Now broadcast radio is joining the list.
Several stations have now flipped to a new format: marijuana...

20 April 2015

Radio France paralysed by longest strike in 10 years

Radio France, the country’s main public radio broadcaster, has been paralysed by a strike since March 19 in what is now the longest such action to affect the company in a decade.
The company, which is 90 percent state funded through license fees, is in deep financial trouble after it was forced to adopt a projected 2015 budget deficit of 21.3...

29 March 2015

Madonna isn't banned - she just needs some better songs

When Madonna (seen here at the 2015 Brit Awards) learned her latest single had not made it on to the BBC Radio 1 playlist, she claimed to be a victim of age discrimination.

The 56-year-old singer said she was “shocked” that Living For Love would not be played on the station, saying: “Wait a second. houldn’t it be to do with whether you...

25 March 2015

After calling Muslims 'suspect,' radio host disappears

A prominent radio host on WGMD 92.7 FM, (Delaware) Jake Smith, said on air that "as far as I'm concerned, not every Muslim is guilty, but every Muslim is suspect" of sympathising with Islamic extremists.
When a caller to his show said Smith was "a bigot." Smith replied, "you're a jackass."

07 March 2015

Radio and TV voiceover legend dies at 80

Gary Owens, (pictured with his famous hand cupped  around ear look) the man behind the smooth baritone best known for announcing the classic TV series 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In', died in Los Angeles at the age of 80.
Owens hosted thousands of radio programs over his seven-decade career. He appeared in more than a dozen movies and...

25 February 2015

Radio station offers listeners the chance to be a porn star

A Florida radio station is offering to make one of its listeners a porn star.
Station 97X  is running the unusual promotion leading up to Valentine’s Day.
The station is asking for entries on its web site. Finalists will appear on the air with the head of a national pornographic web site who will then choose a winner.

07 February 2015

QC and radio station part company over four seconds of theme music

Top QC and The Sunday Times columnist Tom Percy has quit his regular and popular breakfast spot on 6PR, Perth (Australia) after learning his introductory theme song would be changed whether he liked it or not.
The well-recognised tune, which has been used for over a decade on the show, was taken from the satirical British TV series “...

20 January 2015

Radio ISS streams global radio & the International Space Station

The International Space Station circles the Earth about every 90 minutes, and in that time they move in and out of range of a number of terrestrial radio stations. If you're ever curious what's broadcasting in the part of the world the ISS is moving over, Radio ISS will play it for you.
The site itself is pretty simple. Once you visit, you'll be treated to a...

12 January 2015

Radio star Casey Kasem buried in Norway

Six months after his death, radio personality Casey Kasem (pictured) has finally found a resting place.
The former host of "American Top 40" was buried December 16 at Vestre Gravlund, a cemetery in Oslo, Norway.
But the burial has not calmed a long-running family feud.
His daughter Kerri...

12 January 2015


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