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Productive Employees: Healthy Companies

While working my way through the stack of business books accumulating on my bedside table, I came across some valuable insights. "Getting Results" talked about doing more with less. That's the name of the game today for managers, but it is also the same for our employees. Motivating employees to do their best is hard in the best of times: it becomes more difficult in challenging times. We know that people work smarter when there is something in it for them. Here are the strategies mentioned in "Getting Results":

  1. Reward solid solutions instead of quick fixes.
  2. Reward risk taking instead of risk avoiding.
  3. Reward applied creativity instead of mindless conformity.
  4. Reward decisive action instead of paralysis by analysis.
  5. Reward smart work instead of busywork.
  6. Reward simplification instead of needless complication.
  7. Reward quietly effective behavior instead of squeaking joints.
  8. Reward quality work instead of fast work.
  9. Reward loyalty instead of turnover.
  10. Reward working together instead of working against.

It's up to us to create productive employees. What behaviors we reward, and how we reward them, can make all the difference in creating high performance instead of mediocre performance.


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