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Messin' with the Music

On August 1, Calgary Top 40 station AMP Radio became the first station in the world to switch to the new QuickHitz format. Developed by Vancouver-based SpakNet Communications, QuickHitz whittles songs down to half their length, so twice as many can be crammed into an hour.
So far, listener and artist response has been brutal, but survey results may prove different. What do you think? Is shortening songs a legitimate programming tool? If so, by what method, by how much and in what circumstance would you do it (i.e. what target market and format)?
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Brad McNally

As a Canadian, I am pretty proud of radio up there, having spent a good part of my career working there.
But this I find pretty dumb and embarrassing.
Call me old school, but yes it's messing with the artists art. And its not a new idea, Radio Luxembourg did this in the 60's, and I believe its been done here in the 90's.
Top 40 songs are usually 3 minutes  long - I can sit through that, if the station is compelling in other ways.



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