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Peter Rubinstein

Retired head of MediaHeads
Managing Director

Peter Rubinstein is the Managing Director of Media Heads - formerly known as Radiowise Media Networks.

Rubinstein was, at age 22, co-creator and producer of "Sound Unlimited" (hosted by Donnie Sutherland), the original and long running 'video clip' show, which started on the Seven Network in 1974. He went on to produce daily music programs for both ABC-TV and the Ten Network, before moving to the United States in 1977 and setting up his own company, which specialised in producing promotional video clips for record companies.

By 1981, his company was creating radio program and promotion packages for the movie industry. Over the next few years, he produced almost 100 such packages that promoted the release of major motion pictures with radio programs that targeted the youth market.

Having 'conquered' America, Rubinstein returned home in 1990 and set up shop in Sydney with Peter Saxon, as an equity partner in Radiowise.

By the mid-1990s, Rubinstein had been “bitten by the bug” - as he puts it - to conduct oral histories, inspired by the countless untold stories that so many Australians have stored in their memories.

This has been particularly evident in Radiowise’s work on projects such as The Centenary of Federation, numerous Veterans’ Affairs commemorative projects, documentaries on Breast Cancer, the National Firearms Buyback campaign, Mabo and the land rights issue, and the environment. He is currently recording interviews with people who were affected by the Bali Bombing - survivors, family and friends who lost loved ones, RAAF personnel, QANTAS staff, heads of Burns Units at various hospitals, and many more.

Rubinstein is also a classically trained musician, and has played piano for some 56 years.