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Scott William Rollo


Started off at 3MP in 1981 as apprentice radio tradesman! Transferred to 4CA in Cairns Feb 85 (AWA Network)as technician. Transferred to 2AY Albury (AWA) in November 85 as a technician. Left 2AY & went to 3AW June 86 as senior tech. Moved to 3BO January 2001 as chief engineer. Left 3BO and went to FOX-FM in june 2002 as senior tech. Made the move to Canberra to FM104.7 & 2CA as chief engineer and later post Austereo & ARN merger Mix 106.3chief engineer there as well. Recalled to FOX FM & 3MMM as assistant chief engineer in November 1997 where I stayed until February 2000. Moved to Sydney for 6 months contract as assistant chief engineer at 2DAY and 2MMM. After 8 and a bit years left Austereo in September 2000 to be chief engineer at (then) TT-FM and GOLD FM (ARN). Was there till January 2003 where I moved to Sydney as chief engineer at Nova 969. In 2005 I had the pleasure, along with our gun build team, of constructing and launching Vega 953. That was a highlight of my career so far and there's no slowing down now! July 2009 I left DMG Sydney after 6 1/2 years and I am in a Broadcast Engineering role with Tabcorp, which is Sky Sports Radio (Radio 2KY) and Sky Racing TV. I am enjoying this enourmously, building TV studios and maintaining 105 transmitter throughout NSW which is a lot of fun. We are currently in the middle of constructing new state of the art studios which will be on Air late November...wait till you see them!!! On November 30 2014 it will be 33 years in Radio. We are very lucky to work in such a fun industry! Just remember, you could be working in a factory!!! Cheers, Scott.