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Did Chrissie, Sam & Browny rip off a segment from Adelaide community radio show?

Friday 28 February, 2020
“There’s been a theft,” said Aiden Grant on his Life 107.9 drive show, complete with an appropriately cliched sting to highlight the ‘seriousness’ of the situation.

Aiden Grant, with tongue firmly in cheek, was “shocked” to learn that Melbourne’s Nova 100 breakfast show Chrissie, Sam & Browny had allegedly stolen one of his benchmark regular segments, which has been running since last year.

Andy Lee appears on Vinyl Soul

Wednesday 30 January, 2019

Aiden Grant’s latest episode of the podcast series Vinyl Soul features Andy Lee, and covers

Celebrating one year of not being on air

Wednesday 20 April, 2016
After 75 guests, 746 minutes, 1000s of downloads from all over the globe, Vinyl Soul is celebrating one year of not being on air...(without a breakfast or drive show profile to drive traffic to the podcast). 

Over the year many Australian and international musicians, comedians, tv and radio stars have jumped on to talk candidly about what music they like to listen to when the “on air” light is off.

These have included Osher Günsberg, Tony Martin, Hilltop Hoods, Ryan Fitzgerald, Merrick Watts and many more. 

Aiden Grant launches Vinyl Soul

Monday 13 April, 2015
Aiden Grant, hit107's Music Director has launched a new podcast, Vinyl Soul which is all

Each podcast Aiden chats to a variety of people from the music scene from musicians, radio personalities, record labels, music journalists, producers and tour promoters. Each podcast will also shine the light on an emerging local musician who deserves some attention.

Episode one is online now and features comedian Tom Ballard and Adelaide punk band Mayweather.

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