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One third of US households will have a smart speaker this year

Thursday 20 June, 2019

In their latest estimates, Loupventures research team has updated their estimates for smart speaker ownership in the US, predicting that one-third of households will own one by the end of 2019.

How to train your smart speaker

Thursday 30 May, 2019

Analysis from Steve Ahern.
Smart speakers are not quite as smart as we are led to believe.
I have no doubt that coming generations of smart speakers will deliver huge amounts of voice driven artificial intelligence powered interactivity that will benefit the radio and audio industries, but we’re not there yet.
The current generation of smart speakers are actually pretty dumb. They rely on tightly controlled routines and they try to train us rather than us training them.

Whooshkaa makes podcasts more accessible with Alexa

Monday 29 April, 2019

Podcasters hosting on the Whooshkaa platform now have access to a new skill to make listening easier on Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices.

Whooshkaa and Amazon have enabled podcast listeners to request podcasts and episodes directly from voice-activated Alexa devices without the need for a third party service like Tune-in.

Alexa, who sings I'm just a poor boy from a poor family?

Wednesday 13 March, 2019

Amazon Alexa has just launched new skills for those who forget the names of songs.

Song ID, released this week, is a virtual radio announcer, which can announce the name of each song before it plays when you are streaming music.

The new skill promises to help listeners discover new music, as well as name particular songs. The service can be turned on and off by requesting “Alexa, turn on/off Song ID.” Once activated, it will announce every song.

It is believed Alexa has developed the skill because listeners often ask for song names.

Alexa: witness for the prosecution

Saturday 09 March, 2019

Amazon Alexa… with a knife… in the kitchen.

Alexa, who sings this song on Nova?

Monday 25 February, 2019

NOVA Entertainment has launched a unique, voice-activated experience for the Nova audience, with the release of an Amazon Alexa skill.

A French revolution for Alexa

Friday 11 January, 2019

With an expected 95 million smart speakers to be sold in 2019, France’s RadioKing have launched a customisable Alexa Skill available to all radio stations.

Alexa gets the RadioApp skill #RadioAlive2018

Friday 19 October, 2018
"Your industry is very complicated, which KIIS is it, which Nova do you want to listen to… There was a lot of work involved to make it so simple."
Commercial Radio Australia have launched the RadioApp skill for Alexa, which makes it simple and convenient for listeners to ask Alexa to play any of nearly 300 Australian AM, FM and DAB+ digital radio stations.

Kinderling Kids Radio teams up with Alexa

Monday 23 July, 2018

Kinderling Kids Radio today launched two new skills for Amazon Alexa in Australia & New Zealand, ‘Bedtime Explorers’ – a guided meditation and mindfulness series for kids and ‘Kinderling Kids News’ with Groovy Ruby.

Alexa... play Z100's best imaging promos #RDE18

Tuesday 20 March, 2018
At RadioDays, the Creative Service Director of Z100 New York, Staxx Williams shared some of his tips for making great imaging.

Those who create station imaging must have the perfect balance of creativity and production skills. Once you have gained the skills it is important to keep feeding your creativity, according to Staxx.

"Start with your creative diet. What are you putting into your brain?

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