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Denton and Keller together again for Interview

Sunday 28 July, 2019
They’ve known each other since they were in their teens and have worked together on radio, but the relationship that Andrew Denton has with Amanda Keller gives him a unique insight into her life.

In the latest instalment of Interview, they reminisce about her obsession with Barry Manilow and from her time at Simon Townsend’s Wonder World to her time on Denton in the nineties.

They spent time onair together at Triple M, during which Amanda was undergoing IVF treatment leading to the birth of her son Liam.

Andrew Denton's new podcast for NOVA Acast

Tuesday 16 April, 2019

Interview with Andrew Denton is a podcast for anyone who wants to understand what makes people tick with a format is based on the simplest of ideas, two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks.
A companion to the TV series, each podcast episode attempts to get below the surface of an amazing human being, to find out who they are away from the headlines.
In an era of outrage and increasing polarisation, the series looks for light more than heat, wisdom more than clickbait.

Andrew Denton: A Radio Gamechanger

Saturday 03 March, 2018
"If there was an Andrew Denton fan club I'd be the number one fan," Craig Bruce confides in his latest Game Changers podcast.

Major heart surgery for Andrew Denton

Wednesday 02 August, 2017

Radio and TV presenter Andrew Denton will undergo major heart surgery as soon as possible after being diagnosed with advanced heart disease.

Denton is to have Denton a multiple bypass, according to reports on Triple M and the Sydney Morning Herald.

The diagnosis has forced Denton to withdraw from the campaign to legalise euthanasia to which he has been devoting his energy in recent years.

Andrew Denton calls on the support of the radio industry

Wednesday 21 September, 2016

Andrew Denton, broadcaster, writer and comedian is actively working to encourage changes to the law required to support assisted dying. 
The former Triple M breakfast announcer recently hosted and produced the acclaimed Better Off Dead podcast series, investigating the stories, moral arguments, and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia.

Andrew Denton Voluntary Euthanasia Podcast coming in 2016

Wednesday 04 November, 2015

Comedian and Broadcaster Andrew Denton has once again stepped into the spotlight, this time bringing with him a cause close to his heart.

Due for release in 2016, his new project Better off Dead is a podcast he has been working on for many months that discusses the controversial topic of voluntary euthanasia.

His interest in the discussion started with his father's death 18 years ago:

“I watched him dying in pain over three days when there wasn't sufficient pain relief for him, despite the best they could do.”

Natural Born Keller

Thursday 22 October, 2015

Amanda Keller, co-host of WSFM101.7’s Jonesy & Amanda in the Morning has launched her own book.

Natural Born Keller; My Life and Other Palaver is published by Allen & Unwin and released today lifting the lid on life on-screen and off with not so longing looks back at growing up in the burbs in the decade taste forgot. 

Who's that woman standing next to Harley Oliver?

Friday 31 October, 2014

A night at the art gallery with Peter Saxon

If you’re a regular listener to Jonesy and Amanda on WSFM, you’re likely acquainted with Harley Oliver, Amanda Keller’s husband of 25 years and butt of countless on-air jokes. For the most part, Harley’s happy to be the man behind the high profile woman. But last night, all eyes were on him, or rather his paintings. 

Radio Stars support inappropriate nudity

Tuesday 28 October, 2014

Amanda Keller and Andrew Denton will be among the radio elite introducing Harley Olvier’s debut exhibition Innapropriate Nudity at the Stanley Street Gallery in Darlinghurst on Thursday.

The exhibition aims to bring the shock factor back to nudity by putting it out of context, on modest public figures who we hold in high esteem.

Test yourself... fail better: Andrew Denton's 7 tips for success

Friday 17 October, 2014

In a keynote speech full of laughs and radio anecdotes, Andrew Denton outlined his seven tips for success.

1. Be hungry

"I don't often agree with Alan Jones but I admire his hunger and passion. The work he puts in is because he still remains hungry even after all this time." Denton said, to succeed, you need to have hunger and passion.

2. Look left


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