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Tesla upgrade dumps radio

Tuesday 17 March, 2020

Tesla is offering its owners an upgrade to their entertainment system to "access new features, as well as a more advanced and smoother user experience."

There's one problem though. The new upgrade will remove AM, FM and Sirius (USA) radio from the system.

Tesla's update briefing note says:

Europe mandates compulsory digital radios in cars

Friday 01 February, 2019

Europe has mandated that all new cars sold within the EU will now be required to have digital radios.

Car manufacturers have two years to comply with the new directive, that was ratified just before Christmas.

Meanwhile, in France, digital radio penetration has reached a point where it has triggered a law requiring that by the end of 2019, all new consumer radios to include DAB+.

EU Vehicle Directive

Mitsubishi features digital radios in latest ad campaign

Thursday 18 May, 2017

Car manufacturers are very savvy about what they feature in their advertisements.

Body shape, drivability, seat comfort and features are carefully scrutinised and the elements most calculated to appeal to buyers are finally chosen to be featured in car ads.

At the moment Mitsubishi's prime time tv ads are highlighting digital radio as one of the most important dashboard entertainment options.

Presumably their dealers and marketing information is telling them that purchasers are asking for digital radios in their new cars, and the company is responding.

Australians continue love affair with radio in the car

Monday 13 January, 2014

Listening to live and local commercial radio, particularly while in the car, continues to be the activity of choice for Australians, with the summary of commercial radio listening for 2013, showing commercial radio grew its weekly cumulative audience by 2.4%.
More than 9.7 million people listen to commercial radio each week in the five metropolitan capital cities alone and commercial radio reaches 62.5% of Australians in the car.

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