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Digital Broadcasting Symposium

DRM delivers much more than audio: Ruxandra Obreja #DBS2021

Tuesday 06 April, 2021

“We live in a troubled time, but we have a great strength with radio,” said DRM Chairperson Ruxandra Obreja at the ABU’s Virtual DBS Conference.
“For many people, radio is the only means of information about their world... 

Intense competition but growing excitement about audio's future: Joan Warner #DBS2021

Monday 05 April, 2021

In a session at the Digital Broadcasting Symposium today, titled Embracing Digital Change – Strategies and Results, CRA chief executive Joan Warner looked back over the 16 months since the start of the pandemic

Latest digital radio standards explained at #DBS2021

Monday 05 April, 2021

The BBC’s Lindsay Cornell delivered a Digital Radio technical update covering DAB, DRM and RadioDNS.

A journey for the development of a better world: Minister launches #DBS2021

Monday 05 April, 2021

“This symposium an important platform for sharing ideas and looking at new technologies,” said Malaysian Communications Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, in his official opening of this year’s DBS virtual conference.

He recognised Radio Television Malaysia’s (RTM) 75th birthday this year and told conference delegates that the national broadcaster is embarking on transformation plans to improve its radio and tv services.

Embrace innovations in audio: Joan Warner at #DBS2020

Wednesday 04 March, 2020

At this week’s ABU Digital Broadcasting Summit in Malaysia, Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner shared with Asian broadcasters the ongoing work being done in Australia to expand the offerings of digital radio and reach audiences on many devices, especially smart speakers.


“In 2019 we celebrated 10 years since the launch of DAB+. 49% of Australian households now have access to a DAB+ digital radio device at home ,work or in a vehicle,” said Warner.

New object-based audio codec: the future of immersive sound

Saturday 09 March, 2019
Steve Ahern experiences immersive object-based 3D audio.
At last week’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur I was treated to a demo of Fraunhofer’s latest innovation, immersive 3D object-based audio.
3D sound has been around for a long while. It began in theatres, where multiple speakers were placed around the room and movies with multi-channel sound tracks were screened.

DAB is part of our digital strategy: ABC Radio at #ABUdbs2019

Wednesday 06 March, 2019

Cath Dwyer, the Manager of RN, Radio and Radio Australia has told the digital radio workshop at DBS Kuala Lumpur that Australia’s national broadcaster is committed to DAB+ transmission as part of its multiplatform strategy.

“The ABC is a trusted and well listened to public broadcaster in Australia. We host big national conversations such as the ‘War on Waste’ or the upcoming elections in our country.

“We have been broadcasting in the Asia Pacific for 80 years,” she said.

Malaysian Comms Minister presented with a Digital Radio at DBS2016

Tuesday 01 March, 2016

Malaysian Deputy Communications Minister Jailani Johari opened the Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia today by talking about how audiences across the Asia Pacific region want better services from broadcasters.

"More users are demanding better services from new broadcasting technologies. New Technology is bringing new competition for broadcasters, but it also provides broadcasters with new business opportunities to enhance delivery to their audiences.

Latest Optimod features sync for Digital, FM and Streaming signals

Saturday 07 March, 2015
The Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia this week was accompanied by an exhibition of the latest professional digital equipment for radio and tv broadcasters.

While at the Symposium, radioinfo's Steve Ahern found out about the latest features on the newest Orban Optimod, the processor of choice of some of the big radio broadcast networks.

OPTIMOD-FM 8600 is Orban’s flagship processor.

It features versatile five-band and two-band processing for both analog FM transmission and digital media.

Conferences: Milan, Malaysia and more

Sunday 08 February, 2015

So much to do... so little time!

Radio Conference season has begun for 2015.

See our Events Calendar for a full listing of Australian and World Conferences.

Two impending conferences are RadioDay Europe in Milan and the Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur.

Buongiorno di Milano!


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