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Where a missed call turns into great radio

Sunday 05 June, 2016

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

You might not have heard of Bihar but it's a place where something special is going on in terms of radio. Assuming, of course, that you consider radio to be audio entertainment, with a human connection, on any platform. 

Bihar is a state in India. 99.2 million people live there… ­ California, Texas, Florida and Illinois all rolled into one. It's big, and if you're wanting to sell things, a desirable place to be. 

Why Microsoft’s removal of the FM tuner in their phones is our fault

Sunday 29 May, 2016

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland.

Microsoft is removing the FM tuner app from its Windows mobile phones. According to an article in the trade press, the app has been removed from the latest development build of the OS, and it’s gone for good. So, what does this mean for radio?

It’s bad PR for us

Radio with one voice ­- Local Radio Day

Sunday 15 May, 2016

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Is radio's future DAB+? The debate rages on

Wednesday 11 May, 2016

Last month, we posted an article by Australian expat and media researcher, John Patkin, now based in Hong Kong, who argued that AM/FM and DAB+ would become obsolete as internet or online delivery became ubiquitous.

Terrestrial Radio is no Tasmanian Tiger says James Cridland

Wednesday 13 April, 2016

John Patkin's article, "AM/FM/DAB+ are endangered radio species," posted Monday on radionfo has certainly stirred up some controversy.

James Cridland’s tips on how to win a radio award

Wednesday 17 February, 2016

8 tips to give you a winning edge.

Locally, an ACRA remains the pinnacle symbol of achievement for people who work in radio.

But why be content with being the best in Australia when you can gain global recognition by winning an award at  New York Festivals - The World’s Best Radio Programs™?

Of course, on an international level the competition is much tougher. But think of the achievement if you win!

Why talk live when you can podcast?

Sunday 25 October, 2015

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

British radio guy eats vegemite sandwich, loves it, moves to Oz.

Monday 12 October, 2015

Media "futureologist" and regular radioinfo contributor and, despite all that, a pretty nice guy, James Cridland, is moving to Brisbane.


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