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What is a podcast asks Jen Seyderhelm

Thursday 26 November, 2020

This is the first question I ask students of my classes and I usually get a whiteboard full of answers once they have warmed up. There is one answer that I never get. It will be the basis of my next podcast; but I’ll come back to that.

Not a Triple J Announcer

Tuesday 10 December, 2019

Comment from Jen Seyderhelm.

Our Time is Now

Wednesday 04 December, 2019

Comment from Jen Seyderhelm

I ran a Voiceover course last weekend. On the Saturday we talked about money.

One of the young women did what I’ve heard pretty much every female in my life do at some stage. She mentioned she’d earned above a ballpark amount I’d quoted for some voice work she’d done. She then felt the need to deny her worth by saying there must have been an error. She must have gotten lucky.

I stopped her and gently told her off.

Compassionate letter to myself

Friday 29 November, 2019

Comment from Jen Seyderhelm.

Earlier this month I went to my girlfriend Kim’s house.

We had become acquainted after I read an article about her and decided to become her friend, first on social media, then in real life.

Has Radio become the missionary position?

Sunday 17 November, 2019

Comment by Jen Seyderhelm

Radio relationships

Wednesday 13 November, 2019

Comment by Jen Seyderhelm

Kyle is single again. So apparently is the whole KIIS Breakfast crew, including Intern Pete.

Kate Ritchie’s relationship is going through the media wringer.

I cried buckets listening to Robin Bailey say farewell to her Triple M listeners in Brisbane to spend as much time as she could with her terminally ill husband Sean Pickwell and was so proud of Ben Fordham for prioritising time with his Dad over his Drive Program on 2GB.

Radio Dreams

Thursday 07 November, 2019
Comment by Jen Seyderhelm

Why we still need Alan Jones

Thursday 31 October, 2019

Comment by Jen Seyderhelm

Suggestive flowering plant provides unscripted mirth at 2CC

Monday 04 December, 2017

A common shade-loving perennial has caused a comical disruption at Canberra station 2CC during a popular gardening segment. 

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