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From Mulray to the Moonman, in 40 years Triple M has seen more characters than the alphabet

Thursday 30 July, 2020

While the actual 40th birthday is Sunday August 2nd, a true pillar of Triple M, Doug Mulray will join Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning, live from 7:15am Friday, to cut the cake on what’s been an astonishing four decades.

Mulray is Triple M royalty and an icon of Australian broadcasting who has not been heard on the MMMs since the days of Andrew Denton, appearing as a guest on his show in the early 2000’s.

Triple M Sydney to host The Steaming Brown Logies

Tuesday 23 June, 2020

The 2020 Logie Awards were scheduled for the end of June, but due to the current pandemic, they have been cancelled.
Never fear, (though perhaps we should), Rudi Vanderstone’s Steaming Brown Logies is here as Triple M Sydney will host TV’s Morning of Mornings.

Moonman's hijinks land awkwardly

Friday 05 June, 2020
When Lawrence ‘Moonman’ Mooney took part in an enthusiastic show of joy at the impending long-weekend, it all went horribly wrong.
During an ad break in the Triple M Sydney studios this morning The Moonman took part in a ‘flip the couch over’ stunt with one of this colleagues, only for it to backfire with him landing on the floor.

Moonman takes on Domestic Violence

Friday 28 February, 2020

Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning breakfast show will host a one-hour special called Moonman takes on Domestic Violence.

Moonman goes national

Friday 24 January, 2020

Sydney breakfast show, Moonman in the Morning, will now be heard on weekends throughout the country in 2020. 

Gus leaves Triple M Sydney breakfast in tears

Friday 08 November, 2019
After a decade on Triple M Sydney Breakfast radio Gus Worland broke down in tears this morning as he bid farewell to his beloved listeners and colleagues.

Gus and the Moonman go at it over drought relief

Thursday 07 November, 2019
It might be Gus Worland's penultimate breakfast program on Triple M Sydney but it got a little heated on the Moonman in the Morning when he clashed with Lawrence Mooney over ScoMo's drought relief program.

Lawrence says there is too much policy and applications and the drought will be over before the government does anything, while Gus thinks you can’t just give people money, there’s got to be a form and a process.

Has Gus picked the Cup winner using his psychic powers

Tuesday 05 November, 2019
Gus Worland has used his psychic McDonalds powers to pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup during Moonman in the Morning today on Triple M Sydney

It’s well known that Gus loves McDonalds so today he played Psychic with 24 Big Macs which were numbered corresponding to a horse in the Melbourne Cup field.

His picks in order from 1st to 4th  place.

 #11 Finche which is the favourite for days race
#19 Constantinople
#14 Downdraft

Moonman in the Morning gets a deep insight into drought affected NSW

Thursday 31 October, 2019
During a trip to Central West NSW this week, the Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning team have been exposed to the emotional and financial toll that the current drought is having on our rural and farming communities.
Gus Worland and Lawrence Mooney held a mental health and comedy night in Dubbo last night, and have heard many concerning stories about men in particular, in these isolated communities.

Gus Worland leaves the Moonman to focus on his mental health foundation

Friday 25 October, 2019
After 10 years of 4am wake ups, Triple M Sydney’s much-loved Gus Worland will finish up on the station’s breakfast show in November.

A passionate advocate for men’s mental health, Gus created the Gotcha 4 Life Foundation in 2017 and the move will allow him to focus even more of his attention on the burgeoning foundation.
However, Gus won’t step away from radio entirely, with Triple M securing him to re-create the station’s famous Deadset Legends show in 2020.


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