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Jodie Oddy returns to Adelaide radio

Tuesday 12 January, 2021

Just months after her shock departure from Mix 102.3 in Adelaide, Jodie Oddy is making a return to radio.

Ben & Liam take a leap for breakfast

Friday 11 December, 2020
After spending the last two weeks hosting Summer Breakfast on the Nova Network, Ben & Liam concluded their final show for 2020 with a radio first.
After ascending to 12,000 feet in a small aircraft, the boys broadcast a break while free falling from the plane

Ben & Liam will host Nova's Summer Breakfast

Friday 20 November, 2020

After a rapid rise in Adelaide breakfast this year, Nova’s Ben & Liam will be heard nationally across the country as hosts of the Nova Network’s Summer Breakfast show from Monday 30 November.
Nova’s Summer Breakfast with Ben & Liam will air from 6am to 9am across the Nova Network, while Nova’s local breakfast teams take a well-earned break over the festive season.

Liam Stapleton takes up the Dreams Challenge

Monday 19 October, 2020

The Dreams Challenge was born, after US skateboarer Nathan Apodaca uploaded a video of himself skateboarding to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, while drinking cranberry juice. 

As many followed suit, posting their own gliding clip, cranberry juice in hand and the band's 1977 hit playing in the background, another viral challenge was born.

Even Stevie Nicks has joined in to show how it's done and clocked up 6.8 million views.

Ben & Liam go national on Sundays

Thursday 23 July, 2020

Nova 919’s Ben & Liam will host a national Sunday breakfast show, Ben & Liam around Australia, from Sunday 26 July at 6am.
After building a strong following in Adelaide since debuting as Nova 919’s new breakfast show in January this year, Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton will now be heard on Sunday breakfast around the country.

Liam's Love Sabre is uncovered

Thursday 04 June, 2020
Nova 919’s Ben & Liam Adelaide breakfast show debuted a song that Liam Stapleton recorded as a 17-year-old and it didn’t quite fit Nova ‘s normal music format.
Liam’s past as a member of glam rock band high school ‘Love Sabre’ was uncovered, along with the bands only recorded single, Sabre Attack.

Has islolation finally gotten to Ben & Liam?

Monday 27 April, 2020
Coping with isolation is getting the better of most people and with everyone stuck at home, more and more people are deciding to try their hand at what should clearly be left to the experts ‘iso-haircuts’.
After Nova 919’s Ben Harvey & Liam Stapleton’s Producer Wolf, came into work this morning with a bleach blonde iso haircut, the boys decided to give it a go.

Nova's onair teams won't take the usual survey break

Friday 03 April, 2020

The Nova Network’s on-air teams around the country will continue to broadcast their shows during the two week survey break.
NOVA Entertainment’s teams recognise the important role radio plays during this challenging time, to not only inform and entertain, but also to provide some normality and consistency for listeners during a time of continual change.

Ben & Liams's home delivery

Monday 23 March, 2020

Nova 919’s Ben & Liam are doing their best to keep South Australians positive.
Having bought an old limousine last week, this morning Ben & Liam attempted to help put a smile on people’s dials, taking to the streets in their limo (the Ben & Liam-o) and cruising around Adelaide to drop off supplies to those in need while self-isolating. 

Nova adds activation and interaction to its advertising

Monday 03 February, 2020

NOVA Entertainment has created a Google Assistant Action that adds activation and interaction for audiences listening to radio or podcast commercials in cars, at home and on the move.


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