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Acast scores with first original podcast

Wednesday 13 November, 2019

Acast, has launched its first original podcast series, The Score: Bank Robber Diaries, following the captivating story of Southern California’s most prolific bank robber Joe Loya, who went from an abused child to big-time criminal, and then a former convict with a shot at redemption.

It's been a big day for... Goat

Saturday 09 November, 2019

Like the world needs more popular culture podcasts... like, because there's not enough out there.

Hedley Thomas talks about the making of Teachers Pet #RadioAlive2019

Friday 18 October, 2019
“I was always troubled that her death had never gone before a court. I felt a reinvestigation could deliver justice,” Teachers Pet podcast producer Hedley Thomas told today’s Radio Alive conference.

“I didn’t have a budget for voice actors so I pulled in people from everywhere, my wife, a friend from golf…” Hedley Thomas told Ben Fordham in a Q & A about how the award winning podcast was made.

Women are closing the gap in podcast listening

Thursday 17 October, 2019

Westwood One’s Podcast Download – Fall 2019 Report, has been released and highlights some interesting trends, especially among women who continue to close the gap in time spent listening to podcasts.

"A dingo's got my baby!" You think you know the story. You don't.

Tuesday 15 October, 2019

All of the facts and lies behind the death of Azaria Chamberlain and the gaoling of Lindy Chamberlain will be exposed in a new Seven Studios documentary podcast, A Perfect Storm
The case that grabbed global attention for the unusual circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a nine-week-old baby transpired into a ‘trial by media’ that saw Lindy vilified then imprisoned, and a nation divided. 

Whooshkaa opens access to Stitcher’s stable of stars

Tuesday 08 October, 2019

According to Edison Research a quarter of all Australians aged 12-54 listen to podcasts monthly, prompting  Whooshkaa to partner with Midroll Media the advertising arm of US podcast giant Stitcher, in a deal that will make Stitcher’s top-tier podcast inventory available to advertisers in Australia.

The Last Voyage of the Pong Su

Thursday 03 October, 2019

Associate Professor, Journalism, University of Wollongong, Siobhán McHugh, has collaborated with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald to produce a new 10-part podcast investigative podcast, The Last Voyage of the Pong Su.

Australia’s top satirists working on daily news-based comedy podcast pilots

Tuesday 10 September, 2019

Australia’s top satirists are teaming up to produce and release a pilot week of daily news-based comedy podcasts next week, with the hope of launching the format daily in 2020.

Audible's new Podcast into an unconventional death in the NT

Tuesday 20 August, 2019

Could a fight between best mates over an Esky lead to murder?
Welcome to Blood Territory, Audible.com.au’s free true crime Podcast, by Walkley Award winning Australian journalist and author, Mark Whittaker.

The 10-episode podcast delves into the murder of 22-year-old Jimmy O’Connell, whose mummified body was found, mutilated and missing clothes, on a sweltering Northern Territory property in 2006.


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