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Interactive documentary making for smart speakers #RDE19

Saturday 13 April, 2019
Thanks to smart speakers, audio documentaries are about to evolve to the next level.

Podcasting health check #RDE19

Sunday 07 April, 2019

Checking the health of the emerging podcast industry at Radiodays Europe, Matt Deegan (Foder Media), Tom Webster (Senior VP, Edison Research USA) and James Cridland (Editor of Podnews.net and radioinfo columnist) examined the vital signs of podcasting in 2019.

Simplicity, scale and a safe brand environment underpin SCA’s monetisation strategy: Grant Blackley #RDE19

Sunday 07 April, 2019

Southern Cross Austereo CEO Grant Blackley spoke at a Radiodays session in Lausanne, Switzeralnd, hosted by radioinfo’s Steve Ahern, where he gave insights into the business strategies behind SCA’s monetisation strategies for digital radio and podcasting.
SCA’s digital radio strategy is to use the 50% of additional DAB+ spectrum that it owns to aggregate its audience around its two major networks, Hit and Triple M, and to bring all its regional stations into brand harmony with within one of the two networks.

BBC explainer podcast is ‘a dog’s brexit’ #RDE19

Saturday 06 April, 2019

Brexitcast is the BBC’s explainer podcast about the debacle that is Brexit.
It was described as ‘a Dog's Brexit,’ which got a hearty laugh from the many EU delegates at Radiodays Europe.
The long form podcast uses BBC journalists in a discussion format where the can debate and explain in more detail what is happening more than they can within a one minute live cross in the nightly news.

The future of personalised audio news #RDE19

Friday 05 April, 2019

Mark Little was the founder of the Storyful company, which has now been sold to News Corp. His current venture is Kinzen, a new product that is designed to deliver personalised news.

Mark Little and NPR’s Tamar Charney shared their thoughts on the future of new at Radodays.

“There is now a community of one for consumers of journalism. Every person expects news to be adapted to their interests,” said Little.

We are reinvesting in audio, it is taking centre stage: BBC Sounds #RDE19

Thursday 04 April, 2019

The BBC’s Ben Chapman and Alison Winter spoke about the strategy behind the launch of the BBC Sounds app this week at Radiodays Europe.

“We have tried to keep our audience at the heart of everything we do… We are reinvesting in audio, it is taking centre stage,” said Chapman.

The BBC Sounds app has a signed-in audience in the millions every day, so they “get a lot of useful and interesting data.”

There is over 80,000 hours of sound on the app from all the BBC’s audio products: catch up, live radio and podcasts.

Think about the surprize not just the prize: Wade Kingsley #RDE19

Wednesday 03 April, 2019
Wade Kingsley gave 5 tips for successful contests at Radiodays Europe.

Polishing the diamond: Airchecking advice #RDE19

Tuesday 02 April, 2019

“It’s not airchecking, it’s polishing the diamond,” said Valerie Geller at the Radiodays session Art of the Aircheck.
Along with Lasse Roldkjer from Denmark and Nik Goodman from the UK, the trio discussed their best pieces of advice to help program directors improve their on air talent.
When thinking about a presenter’s show you are going to aircheck, ask yourself, ‘does it feel authentic of fake?’ That is a key question when you begin to think about what to discuss with them.

Imaging: the goal of emotional connection #RDE19

Monday 01 April, 2019

Kelly Doherty from The Imaging House in America says "tons of copy doesn't help in how you want to connect with your audience."

The opportunities are boundless: Sound Matters #RDE19

Monday 01 April, 2019

In the opening session of Radiodays Europe, Paul Keenan, the CEO of Bauer Media spoke about the powerful positive future that radio businesses have ahead of them.

In a session themed Sound Matters - The Future of Audio, Keenan said "there is not a better time to be in commercial radio.. there is unprecendented growth and commercial success."

"Revenues are at record levels in European commercial radio because our industry is a master of reinvention."


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