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RØDE Microphone founder Peter Freedman makes $5 million donation to Sydney Festival

Thursday 14 January, 2021

RØDE Founder and Chairman Peter Freedman has made an unprecedented $5 million donation to the Sydney Festival as part of a renewed commitment as principal philanthropic partner of the event.

RØDE Microphones introduces the Vlogger Kits

Wednesday 25 November, 2020
RØDE Microphones has announced three additions to its market-leading range of creative solutions for vloggers.
Introducing the RØDE Vlogger Kits.
Featuring a high-quality RØDE VideoMic, tripod, phone grip, LED light and accessories, the Vlogger Kits contain everything an aspiring superstar needs to create incredible video content on a smartphone.

Røde unlocks complete iOS compatibility for VideoMic NTG

Friday 30 October, 2020
RØDE Microphones has announced an exciting update to the ground-breaking VideoMic NTG.

The VideoMic NTG is now officially MFi-certified, unlocking complete compatibility with Lightning-equipped iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod. This coincides with the release of a new RØDE Lightning Accessory Cable, the SC15, a high-quality USB-C to Lightning cable that’s perfect for connecting the VideoMic NTG to Apple mobile devices.

Whooshkaa delivers new work from home tech free to schools

Thursday 19 March, 2020

Private podcast technology developed by an Australian company, and key in the World Health Organisation’s continuity of learning advice for schools, is being offered free to schools worldwide.
Podcast platform Whooshkaa ’s new technology enables businesses, schools and groups to broadcast audio to specified listeners.
The technology uses any existing podcast app on any smartphone, but the audio is exclusively available to those granted access by the podcaster.

360 degree mics, drones and podcasters on display at SMPTE's METexpo

Thursday 18 July, 2019

The SMPTE Media & Entertainment Tech Expo is being held in Sydney this week.

Steve Ahern checked out the exhibition for radioinfo.

Oh it's stunning! Kate's new microphone

Thursday 30 June, 2016
Today on KIIS 101.1's drive show, Kate Langbroek finally got her birthday wish... a jewel encrusted microphone.

For her birthday last year, Kate asked for her own Crystal microphone.

Rode Microphones heard about it and enlisted the help of renowned designer Alizah Maryanka from Zahli Crystal Couture to create a microphonic masterpiece using Swarovski Crystals.
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