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GatesAir and StreamGuys enable cloud services with Intraplex Networking solutions

Thursday 11 June, 2020

GatesAir has partnered with StreamGuys to automate server-side applications in the cloud for broadcasters moving live AM/FM audio over IP networks.
The technical innovation translates GPIO contact closures into in-stream metadata, enabling server-side ad breaks, program recordings and other functionality without physical intervention.

StreamGuys fills missing song metadata in live radio streams with new SmartMetadata service

Tuesday 25 February, 2020

SmartMetadata listens to the your live stream using audio fingerprinting to identify music within it, using audio fingerprinting technology.

StreamGuys get Agile

Friday 24 January, 2020

StreamGuys is partnering with Agile Broadcast to bring innovative streaming and podcasting solutions to Australia and New Zealand

BARIX, Dielectric, GatesAir, StreamGuys & ENCO at NABshow

Wednesday 10 April, 2019
NABShow is the largest trade show in the world for broadcasting, and apart from the big players, there are a number of innovative smaller companies showing products thsi year.

GatesAir is at NABShow with DAB+ transmitters from 1KW and below, and Ted Lantz says the cost of transmitters is getting more affordable.

StreamGuys will debut SGrewind at the NAB Show

Tuesday 12 February, 2019

The upcoming 2019 NAB Show will mark the North American debut of SGrewind, the latest module in the enterprise-class SGrecast live stream repurposing and workflow management system from StreamGuys.

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