​Alan Jones sets the record straight as to who’s number one

Ray Hadley also takes the topic for a spin

This morning on 2GB, Alan Jones, took aim at the media, most of which reported KIIS and or Kyle and Jackie O as number one in Sydney.

Jones rightly pointed out that 2GB was, in fact, number one, by a long chalk and had been for 193 0ut of 194 surveys while his breakfast program produced a 15.2 share to Kyle & Jackie O’s 9.3.

He suggested that the main reason he was keen to set the record straight on behalf of 2GB’s hard working staff.

He said, “Congratulations to Kyle and Jackie O for a very successful transition, but please there are other people at other stations who work just as hard if not harder, and they deserve the credit that’s due to them.”

“And listeners deserve to be told the truth,” he said.

Following Jones in his morning shift, it was Ray Hadley’s turn.

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