100 marketing trends to watch

A report by JWT’s marketing intelligence unit has predicted 100 marketing trends to watch in the coming year.

The company has a good track record of picking trends in the media and marketing field, with some of this year’s things to watch being good thought-starters for the media and advertising industries.

The study predicts the end of anonymity, as many consumers accept that their habits will be tracked, but that there will also be a backlash against this trend with ‘Privacy by Design’ becoming an important consideration for savvy consumers. Radio companies intereacting with their audiences online and through apps should monitor and review their privacy policies in light of changing trends in their area.

Some of the other interesting pridictions are the growth of online transaction currencies such as Bitcoin and its rivals, 3D printing, growth of more online tv platforms, community supported everything and hashtag fatigue.

The study also predicts the resurgence of live broadcasts, live commercials and event broadcasts.

The success of advertising within podcasts is also anticipated by JWT as another of the marketing success trends to watch in the coming year.

Leaf through the whole 100 trends below and, for something to think about this weekend, ask yourself how your station could jump onto the new trends to build success in the next 12 months.


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