15 Online Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

radioinfo’s photo partner Shutterstock has published a useful article on the 15 top marketing trends ot watch in 2015.

The article, written by Ashley Kemper, lists the top trends as:

1. More User-Generated Content
2. Death of Free Social Reach
3. Advancements in Social Advertising
4. Make-or-Break Native Advertising
5. Mobile Optimization
6. Focus on Content Marketing
7. Intelligent Marketing Automation
8. In-Store Mobile Campaigns
9. Micro-Targeting
10. SEO Becomes Even Harder

11. Increase in Video Production
12. Actionable Analytics
13. Emphasis on A/B Testing
14. Wearable Technology
15. Embracing the Top of the Funnel


If 2014 was the year “Content Is King” became a reality, 2015 will be all about sourcing content from the kingdom at large, says Kemper in her first trend point.

Predecting the death of free social media reach, Kemper says:

“Over the course of the last 12 months, rumors of brands being slighted on social media whipped marketers into a frenzy. While some companies appear to be unscathed, retaining their organic reach, others are forced to increase their social ad spends. Whatever may, or may not, have happened in 2014, Facebook has confirmed that it will be cracking down on overly “promotional” posts from brands in its newsfeed.

Few marketing trends stirred as much debate and controversy in 2014 as native advertising. Kemper says marketers should watch out to see if native advertising, known in traditional publishing as ‘advertorial,’ will be regulated.

With so much quality being created by big brands, finding new, quality distribution methods will be the key to success, says Kemper, suggesting that companies will be looking for good quality editorial outlets to distribute their content, advertorial and advertising.

Identifying a trend that will be of interest to radio companies from an integration viewpoint, Kemper points to a 2013 study which revealed that 84% of smartphone owners use their phones while shopping in a physical store.

“Over the course of the last year, many retailers, including Macy’s and Urban Outfitters, launched significant initiatives aimed at in-store mobile users. With advancements in beacon technology, the potential to create meaningful in-store experiences is ripe for the taking. In 2015, more marketers will start latching on to the idea of in-store mobile campaigns, taking advantage of the opportunity to use mobile as a sale-closer instead of a distraction,” says Kemper. Radio companies will need to think about how to integrate their own apps with this new trend.

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