2DayFM’s RnB Friday’s stretches to new heights

2DayFM breakfast hosts Dan & Maz today joined with popular Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, Lola Berry to host the first RnB Yoga class in Sydney.

2DayFM’s end of the week playlist, ‘RnB Friday’s’, has taken off in social media during the past few weeks and now Dan & Maz have added Yoga to the Friday feature format.
Maz Compton said:

“What’s better than doing yoga? Yoga with sweet beats. I think RnB yoga is really going to take off. So happy we launched it today and everyone was frothing on it!”
“Yoga is a huge part of my life and so is busting out to RnB. So we put two and two together and got RnB Yoga.”
The free RnB Yoga class was open to the public, and 40 keen participants took to their mats in the middle of World Square’s busy lunchtime crowd.

Onlookers enjoyed some RnB beats while witnessing what could be the next fitness sensation.
The longest and leanest radio personality in the country, 2DayFM’s Dan Debuf also participated.

“As someone who has done maximum approximately two yoga’s in my life, I feel like this could be the gateway to inner peace. All it took was some bumping and grinding! Although that isn’t strictly necessary… or even encouraged… I should stop doing so much bumping and grinding actually,” said Debuf.

2DayFM’s free RnB Yoga class will be running every Friday, for the next few weeks, until Friday, 21 August.


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