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2SER in international performance broadcast

Thursday 03 July, 2003

Sydney community station 2SER will embark on an innovative broadcast this month called the “Duplex project”.

The program will utilize 2 separate broadcast studios connected via ISDN to construct a single sound art performance, which will be broadcast in real time in two countries simultaneously.

“Duplex project is an innovative sound art/broadcasting project exploring the dynamic of sound and artists working together from remote isolation. Communication is connection,” says 2SER.

“Whether by telephone, the internet or in person, the act of
communicating a message relies on the ability of 1 person connecting to
another. Music, like all art forms relies on the artists ability to connect to their audience. Without a connection, the meaning and expression trying to be conveyed is lost.

“But what happens when the performance takes place in a non physical space, in a environment
when the artist is physically disconnected from the audience, but also from other performers
involved? This is the essence of the duplex project.”

Australia, and funded by the Australia Council (an Australian government
arts funding body),
Working in conjunction with Radio stations Antenne Muenster in Germany and 2SER in Sydney the
duplex project will join 2 separate broadcast studios via ISDN
to construct a single
sound art performance.

Performing are 2 of Sydney’s most dynamic sound artists and producers
Ray_diode (Adam Zielonka) and Given (Tom Phillipson). They have both been involved heavily
within the underground electronic music movement in Australia for many years and have been successfully working as musicians. They are also involved with collectives such as
independent record label dumphuck industries and Amnesty

The broadcast will take place on the 15th of July at 3am (Sydney time) on 2SER FM 107.3.

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