4BC website draws a blank for Breakfast and Morning shifts

The timing of last Friday’s sackings at 4BC was crucial. The problem was always going to be how to let go their biggest stars including the Breakfast team of Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan along with Morning host Patrick Condren and Evening presenter Walter Williams with the smoothest possible transition to the incoming talent.

Of course, the answer was to do it before a non-ratings period when it would be natural for the incumbents to go on leave with fill-ins at the ready to, well, fill in.

And so it is that, this week, breakfast will be presented by Mark Braybrook. who normally does weekends while Mornings will be hosted by Channel 9’s Shane Doherty. 

Kim Mothershaw will keep the seat warm in Afternoons till regular presenter Clare Blake, who has survived the cuts, returns. 

While Drive host Ben Davis has also kept his job, tellingly the 4BC website shows only the station’s logo on place of what would normally be a photo of the talent in the Breakfast and Morning slots.

With Alan Jones’ publicity shot already on the roster, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out who will be announced as the new Breakfast announcer beamed up from Sydney. 

Then as sure as night follows day and Morning follows Breakfast you can guess who’ll be heard on Mornings soon on 4BC.

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