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7HO team was extremely focused: David Rogerson

Wednesday 19 November, 2014

In this week's Hobart survey, Grant Broadcasters station 7HO was the city's top commercial station and second overall behind 936 ABC.

Grant Broadcasters' Group Content Director David Rogerson tells radioinfo he is delighted with the result.

Were you happy with 7HO's results?

Extremely happy. When Col Taylor our GM and Ross Turner 7HO-FM’s PD called me with the results I was truly stunned and all I could say was “I’m just so happy for you and everyone at 7HO-FM”. 

Must have said that a hundred time as I composed myself knowing the effort they’d all put in to achieve the number 1 commercial station status. Our team has been extremely focussed on being 100% Hobart and that’s been our key goal each and every day. Grant Broadcasters has an enviable reputation for our local based programming and content strategy and it seems our listeners and advertisers have helped us realise that local success in Hobart.

Who are some of the team you would like to mention for the work they are doing there. 

Well, a father really doesn’t pick out a favourite child from one over the another do they.  Everyone from the front door to the back door of 7HO-FM has been part of the survey results. 

On air, off air, production, digital content, engineering, management team, every single person has been part of a strategic plan than began several years ago and revolved around our local team approach.

What was the survey strategy for the station?

To make sure that every time an existing, new or lapsed listener tuned into 7HO-FM we delivered on our commitment and promise to bring them entertainment that was designed to locally engage our target.

In my experience, strategy is always first – tactics come second.

Do surveys really matter in smaller markets? Do they make any difference to revenue? 

The new regional surveys that have been part of a bi-partisan approach through CRA and the various regional operators including the ABC do matter.

Already regional operators like ACE Radio have clear proof that they are picking up revenue that may have previously been going to non-radio competitor media in our regional markets. 

These surveys are not about which radio station can steal revenue from another station in their market just because we now have accurate and reliable rating numbers.  It’s about radio as a whole showing its real ability to move product for clients based on our ability to reach people every week with reach and frequency of message.

How will you use the survey results in your sales strategy? 

For Grant Broadcasters it helps to complement our localised management strategy and approach to client service, listener involvement and engagement via a solution or solutions  for the client . At the national sales level it helps our sales and marketing team assist advertisers who want to locally engage with our listeners via a partnership with our markets.

What's your assessment of your rivals, SCA and ABC, in that market?

We’re all in radio and we love it. 

Each have their strengths which ensures that each day we deliver an even better product than we did the day before. Competition means that there’s a win all round for the listener and advertiser.

I’ve reminded our team that being number 1 means we have to be that little bit better each and every day because the competition naturally would like to take that crown from us.  Competition doesn’t rest just because we’re no longer in a survey period.

Are there any more surveys planned across any other Grant Broadcasters markets?

In 2015 we’ll continue to be part of the planned roll out of surveys as part of the CRA Regional Ratings schedule. 

Markets like The Sunshine Coast will be one of those - most likely for us in the second quarter of 2015. But it won’t stop there. We’re in discussions with the other stakeholders to align dates, and timing in 2015 across other regional markets too.

It's been a good year for the company.

Grant Broadcasters have had a truly amazing year that’s been a real credit to all of our programming and content teams across Australia. 

Our ACRA nominations and wins, fresh talent into our regional markets, new shows we’ve developed in house, the skill set training of our breakfast shows and more. Combine this with our internal goal to “grow our own” by nurturing our people internally with a real career path within the group has resulted in a focussed bunch of people who are being rewarded by their individual and team efforts.

I’m very humbled with what we’re achieving and 2015 is going to see us continue to grow that success.

David Rogerson was part of the research committee that initiated the new rules for regional surveys and has been a leader in research and programming in commercail radio for many years. He now works full time for Grant Broadcasters.

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