ABC Chairman on knife edge: Staff union meeting this afternoon

ABC staff were reported to have been seen high fiving* in the foyer when news of Michelle Guthrie’s sacking was released on Monday.

There is set to be more disruption within the national broadcaster today as Chairman Justin Milne’s position becomes increasingly untenable after revelations that he emailed Michelle Guthrie urging her to sack Emma Alberici during a dispute over an article she wrote earlier this year.

The MEAA has called a union meeting this afternoon at 1pm, which is likely to result in a motion of no confidence in the Chairman.

Meanwhile, former ABC Managing Director David Hill has spoken on ABC TV calling for the Chairman’s resignation.

Justin Milne, as of Wednesday evening, has rejected calls to stand down.

See our follow up report here.

* Disclosure: Not actual ABC Staff high fiving. Staged photo.

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