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Adam Shand explores the human cost of the ice scourge

Friday 14 December, 2018

Methamphetamine, commonly known as ‘ice’, is a scourge facing all Australians.
This highly addictive drug has become the most commonly consumed illicit substance in Australia, with its effects felt by thousands of Australians each year. 
In ‘Meth Destruction”, the next instalment of his acclaimed series Adam Shand At Large, Adam tells the story of a middle-class family, the de Souzas, whose lives were torn apart by this insidious drug.
Over two episodes, Adam talks to former ice addict, Tom de Souza, who speaks of his anguished and lonely road to addiction in early adolescence, his descent to rock bottom, and his inspiring battle for redemption.
Adam says “Meth Destruction is a story every family needs to hear. It’s a cautionary tale, but one that carries a message of hope as well.”
Tom, now an award-winning journalist, says creating Meth Destruction with Shand was a challenging yet cathartic experience. “This podcast marks a pivotal moment in my family’s journey of reparation. In doing these interviews we’ve had to confront one another’s opposing realities and our own personal shortcomings.
“Now, four years since I’ve used ice, the real work has just begun”.
Meth Destruction also features Tom’s parents who watched on in despair, as they were also forced to confront their demons.
Tom’s mother Karen says “We were in survival mode, not really knowing what to do. I just (wanted) my beautiful, smart, healthy boy back on track”.

Despite three decades of investigative journalism under his belt, Shand says creating Meth Destruction was an eye-opening experience.“Before this story I only understood ice from a criminal law perspective, but this production brought home the human cost of this devastating drug.

“I learnt that we can't understand why people use ice without first grappling with the underlying causes and the family relationships that make users vulnerable. To prevent kids going through Tom’s experience, and worse, we need to be honest and open about why substance abuse is so rife in our society”.
Meth Destruction is available at the PodcastOne app, the website or from the iTunes store.

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