Andrew Denton’s new podcast for NOVA Acast

Interview with Andrew Denton is a podcast for anyone who wants to understand what makes people tick with a format is based on the simplest of ideas, two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks.
A companion to the TV series, each podcast episode attempts to get below the surface of an amazing human being, to find out who they are away from the headlines.
In an era of outrage and increasing polarisation, the series looks for light more than heat, wisdom more than clickbait.
Known for his unique, honest and sometimes comedic interview technique, Andrew Denton will take podcast listeners behind the scenes, providing insight into his motivation and approach for each guest. There will also be plenty of unheard material that couldn’t be squeezed into the TV series.

Denton says “I love podcasting, because it gets inside peoples’ heads like nothing else. Nova and Acast know exactly how to reach those heads. We’re so well suited, it’s like Married At First Sight without the assholes.”
New episodes will be released every Tuesday and Thursday and throughout the season listeners can also hear favourite show episodes featuring Daniel JohnsMagda SzubanskiDenise Scott, kidnap survivor Amanda LindhoutRebecca Sharrock (the woman who can remember every day of her life), Troye SivanGuy PearceTim WintonRosie BattyDylan AlcottMick Fanning and Cher.
Interview with Andrew Denton, launching from 18 April, is available on Acast or wherever listeners get their podcasts.

Denton recently joined Brad March’s roster of talent, which includes names like Jackie Henderson, Ben & Liam, Robin Bailey and The Chaser.



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