Application Deadline for new Lithgow & Warrumbungles’ Licences

Applications for new community radio broadcasting licences for the Lithgow and Warrumbungles areas of NSW have closed.

The ABA says that following completion of the Lithgow radio licence area plan in May 1997, the Authority is pleased to start allocating a community licence for Lithgow.

“The ABA’s planning process identified a demand for new community services, operated by people living in the Lithgow and Warrumbungles areas of NSW.

“From Friday, copies of all applications will be placed for public perusal on the ABA website, in the Lithgow Public Library and in libraries in the Warrumbungles area.

“The ABA welcomes written submissions from the public in response to applications received for both licences. Submissions should be lodged with the ABA by 5pm, Friday 30 July and can also be lodged via email: [email protected]