ARN confirms all RGM positions to go in “regional restructure”

In response to an enquiry from radioinfo about the fate of station managers after a rumoured “regional restructure” a spokesperson for ARN told us:

Since ARN’s acquisition of Grant Broadcasters earlier this year we have been working through a comprehensive integration programme to develop a simple, effective, and agile organisational design that takes advantage of the broader resources of the ARN business.  With central support now provided by enabling teams, and better systems and processes in place, the responsibilities previously sitting with the Regional General Manager (RGM) have shifted.  As a result, we have made the difficult decision to make the entire management layer of RGM roles redundant.”

It was made clear to us that this restructure will only affect four people in the specialised role of RGM and will not impact local GMs.

 “Our focus in the Regional business area has always been on local markets and connections within the community, and these latest changes are designed to deliver ARN’s ‘leaders in local’ strategy by empowering the local General Managers and their teams. We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the enormous contribution made by the four staff who have been impacted by this restructure, ”ARN spokesperson.