Bieber Fever hits the Airwaves

DMG and the Today Network stations are relishing the fact that Justin Bieber is in town to promote his new album, ‘Believe’, with Bieber related content appearing frequently on their shows, including a prank call to Channel 7’s David Koch.

On Tuesday, Nova 100’s Hughesy & Kate spoke to the girl who threw herself at Justin Bieber during the taping of Australia’s Got Talent.  Amilia, a 14 year old, told Nova’s Hughesy & Kate that she didn’t plan to jump on him, but saw an opportunity and thought, “this is now or never – and that Justin has taught them to believe, so it just goes to show how much if you believe (sic)”.

Amilia recounted that she moved the smaller children out of the way and then felt so affected by adrenalin that she jumped on stage and ran to Bieber.


Amilia then said to Justin, “I know I’m going to get into so much trouble for this –  I’m really sorry but I really need to meet you and thank you.  You’ve done everything and you don’t know how you’ve impacted my life.”


After a quick hug Brian McFadden and security pulled her away.


Regarding Brian McFadden, Amilia said, “It wasn’t like I had a bomb attached to me or anything. I was a bit star struck –he grabbed me and picked me up.” Listen to the audio of the interview here:


On the same day, Fifi Box interviewed Bieber, who told her that she looked like Cameron Diaz.


Fifi had previously made a brief (1.5 second) cameo in Justin Bieber’s film clip, ‘Never Say Never’, so took the chance to pitch to Bieber the idea of them performing in a sequel together, called ‘Sometimes Say Never’. Bieber declined the offer. Watch the full interview here.


On the same Tuesday Fitzy and Wippa presented three Bieber-related segments in one sitting. The duo cut up an old interview they did with Justin Bieber over the phone and then made a soundboard out of it, which they then demonstrated.


Then they called Channel 9 entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, who has interviewed Bieber a number of times, and pretended the pop-singer was on the phone to him.


Wilkins told Fitzy and Wippa to “f-off and get a real job”. Listen here.


Then Nova employee Zoe told the duo that she had watched Selena Gomez cry on a flight last weekend, and saw Justin Bieber try to comfort her.  Listen here.


The next day the pair were at it again, prank calling David Koch from Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ program. Koch seemingly believed he was talking to Bieber, who he believed wanted to “smooth things over”. Listen here.


All things considered, perhaps it was Bieber’s interview on Fox FM with Matt & Jo that took the proverbial cake, due to this original exchange:

Jo Stanley: “The other crazy situation you find yourself in as an 18 year old is that there are women who are a lot older than you who think that you’re really hot. Is that kind of weird for you?”

Justin Bieber: “It’s not weird at all. I’m 18, what kind of guy wouldn’t want 25 year old girls after them…I’m blessed, I’m in a blessed position.”

Jo Stanley: “I read that Beyonce is your dream woman?”

Justin Bieber: “She’s gorgeous but she’s taken. I want to leave it as like a dream.”

Jo Stanley: “Let’s take Beyonce out of the picture, if you met someone her age and thought you were totally into her. Most 18 year old girls would think they were totally out of their league but not you?”

Justin Bieber: “I just try to be a nice charming guy and whatever works, works.”


You can watch the full interview here.