Bolt and Devine bury the hatchet after bloody brawl on Macquarie Radio

Things got nasty Monday night on the Macquarie Media Network’s 2GB, 3AW and 4BC. Miranda Devine took the regular call from fellow conservative commentator Andrew Bolt to discuss political events of the day.

Devine, filling in for Steve Price who’s busy trying to survive ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ in South Africa, tried to call out Bolt for believing poor survey results when they apply to Malcolm Turnbull (who he doesn’t like) but dismissing them when they applied to Tony Abbott (who he does).

Bolt took exception to the inference and a ‘demarcation dispute’ ensued with Divine making it clear that as program host, she called the shots. Bolt felt it was his show too and threatened to hang up on her.

Devine: Oh Andrew, don’t do this. We’ve got five weeks. We have to get on.

Bolt: Miranda, in that case you’re describing a living hell for me.

Divine: Well Andrew, this is my show so you don’t dictate to me what I do.

Bolt: No, it’s our show. If it’s your show, how about you do it without me?

Divine: If that’s what you want to do.

Bolt: I think it is, if you’re going to go on like this. Funnily enough, I managed to do very nicely with every other fill-in except you.

Is 2GB or 3AW embarrassed about such an on-air barney between their presenters? Not at all. In fact 2GB Drive presenter, Ben Fordham felt it would make for compelling listening on his show.

But by Tuesday night the two combatants had sheathed their swords and made up. Bolt praised Devine for getting them on the front page of every major publication saying that Steve Price had never been able to achieve such exposure. Scroll ahead to about 2:20 in.


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