Bracks Defends Big Media Monitoring Bill

The Victorian Government has defended its decision to spend millions of dollars to monitor what it being said about it on radio, tv and in newspapers.

Despite a bill of $3.5 million in 18 months, Acting Premier, John Thwaites, says it is money well spent:

“We want to know what’s happening right around the state so we can govern better.

“There are hundreds of media outlets right around Victoria and ministers and departments need to know what is happening.

“We can follow up with action and that means we govern better.”

Later, Premier Steve Bracks also defended the expenditure after returning from overseas.

“This a drop in the ocean compared to what is spent at the Commonwealth level by the Howard Government, which spends an enormous amount on media monitoring.

“This is in keeping with what’s happened in the past. I think it’s less than the Kennett Government.

“It’s making sure that departments and ministers and the Government is up to date on what is being reported and therefore able to analyse that.”