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Bridget Griffen-Foley launches huge 415,000 word Companion to Australian Media

Thursday 30 October, 2014

At a launch seminar this week for the new book, A Companion to the Australian Media, editor Bridget Griffen-Foley detailed the work that went into the creation of the 415,000 word edition.
With 479 entries from 298 contributors, including radioinfo’s Steve Ahern, the Companion will become an important resource for regulators, investors, lawyers, students, historians and media practitioners in Australia.
Entries about media outlets and media biographies were the most challenging sections according to Griffen-Foley, because there have been so many changes during the two centuries of Australian media development. Getting enough information about provincial media and the history of radio in other states outside NSW and Victoria also proved to be two more difficult tasks when compiling the book over the past 7 years.
After looking back in such detail at Australia’s media history, Griffen-Foley was asked to ventur her thoughts on what may be the most significant developments for media in this country in the next ten years from now. She said she expects “the closure of more mainstream media outlets,” especially print and that the “volume and diversity of new media outlets will grow.” She wonders what will happen to the media dynasties, especially the Murdoch dynasty.
For radio she predicts the big networks will continue to grow, but wonders if independent, family owned radio networks will continue to exist. In tv she is watching what will happen if the reach rules change. “Regional media will change greatly,” in her opinion.
“I hope this book will inspire new scholarship about media in Australia,” said Griffen-Foley at the seminar.
Bridget Griffen-Foley is the author of several books on the Australian media, including a history of commercial radio and a recently re-published biography of Sir Frank Packer.
From the first Aboriginal newspaper in 1836 to the advent of social media, from Blue Hills to The Chaser, our media has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. As Australia approaches 2015, the country’s press, broadcasting and new media sectors are facing a period of rapid and even bewildering change.
The much anticipated Companion to the Australian Media, arranged in an accessible A–Z format, employs hundreds of interlinked narratives to explore both the history and contemporary practice of our media. It contains articles on reporting and reviewing genres, mobile and portable media, ethnic broadcasting as well as flagship newspapers and the Australian Broadcasting Network.
The book is officially released today and can be ordered from Australian Scholarly Publishing at this link.

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