Broadcast your radio on the biggest screen in the house

RadioKing is inviting radio stations to pass into a new stage of radio history.

After the Mobile App which revolutionized the way of receiving radio, the first French platform allowing people to create their online radio station, now (and for the first time) allows you to integrate the future of television: the Apple TV.

This new application allows radio stations to integrate themselves into the living room of their listeners, to switch between different streams and to share information regarding the track being broadcast.

As for Android TV users, RadioKing has not forgotten them. Development for the application is already underway.

Holding a unique position on the French radio scene, Radio FG is one of the first radio stations to benefit from this future taking shape around digital applications. A new way of approaching television screens, which gives radios a place in the heart of listeners’ homes once again.

RadioKing will shortly be undertaking the development of a tailor-made application for radio stations wishing to integrate cars connected to Apple’s CarPlay system and Google’s Android Auto system. 

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