Carr Calls on Flint to Go

NSW Premier, Bob Carr, has joined growing calls for ABA Chairman, David Flint, to stand down immediately.

Mr Carr says the Professor does not know how to behave appropriately and, rather than being an impartial watchdog, seems to be positioning himself as a candidate for Governor-General: “I’ve just seen in these interviews, delivered with all the style of someone who seems to be rehearsing a vice-regal role for himself, a crass inability to understand the statutory obligations that reside with him.”

He says Professor Flint’s letter to Alan Jones, on ABA letterhead, shows ‘colossally impaired judgement’.

Mr Carr says the Chairman must be removed: “The evidence speaks for itself. No one has confidence in him and I think that goes for the good people who sit on the Board.”

The Premier lobbied the ABA against the (subsequently scrapped) planned merger of the 2UE and 2GB newsrooms and wants regulations to ensure this could never happen.

He says he would not trust Professor Flint to look into such a matter: “I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever in David Flint conducting such an inquiry, none whatsoever.”