Centre FM Alice stronger after 6 months on air

Centre FM 987 Alice Springs, the newest radio station in town, turned 6 months old last weekend.

Centre FM’s Nigel Slater says the station’s unique format “has become required listening for many young people in Alice Springs. Its main emphasis is on local employment and tourism information, a mixture of music aimed at the younger audience including R ‘n’ B and Dance, and employment updates 9 am to 5 pm weekdays.”

The station has received over 850 phone calls and requests since going to air on April 30.

Centre FM 987 is looking for more unemployed people to be involved in the operations of station, both on air and behind the scenes. They must be registered with Centrelink. For further information phone 08 8952 0200.

The station also runs the following national programs:

The Cage – Comedy from MMM Sydney/Melbourne, 10 am Saturdays

Rove Live Radio – Popular TV comedy team, Midday Saturdays

Judith Lucy Show – Comedy from 2DAY FM Sydney, 10 am Sundays

American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest – USA Top 40, 1 pm Sundays

Fatboy Slim Brighton Beach Mix – Top UK DJ in the mix, 10 pm Fridays

Loaded – Smash ‘N’ Grab & Andy Van, Aus DJ’s in the mix, 10 pm Saturdays

The Takeover – Famous star takes over for an hour, 4 pm Fridays

The Nitro Lounge – R&B sounds and weekly top 10 mix, 10 pm Thursdays

This “Work for the Dole” Project was initiated by Industry Education Networking Pty Ltd (ITEC), an employment service company, in conjunction with Community Enterprise Australia, a non-profit branch of ITEC, who have leased the open narrowcast radio licence of 98.7 FM Alice Springs.