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Chris Smith set to return to 2GB

Wednesday 18 December, 2019

Earlier this year Steve Price after serving eight years on Nights at MacRadio was given Chris Smith’s afternoon shift which he’d been doing for 15.
In turn, Smith was invited to stay at the network to do Price’s old shift, Nights. Smith turned it down, citing family reasons.
When asked, whether he thought Smith had made the right decision, Price told radioinfo: 
“There's only about eight of these jobs available in Australia and if you've got one of them it's a privilege.
"People make their own decisions and I've got no comment about what Chris should or shouldn't have done. But if you're offered one of those shifts on air, you grab it with both hands – that would be my thoughts."

Now, just six months later, when Price was told by the new management at 2GB that Deb Knight was taking over his afternoon shift, he was reportedly offered a TV role at Nine. Price turned it down, preferring to stay with TEN.
Macquarie Media has confirmed that Chris will be returning as its new Weekends presenter for 2020, and Macquarie Media’s Head of Content Greg Byrnes is "very pleased Chris is coming back to 2GB. He’s loved by our listeners and knows how to create great radio. Chris’s weekend show will be a mix of news, opinion, lifestyle and entertainment.”

Smith says: “To return to Macquarie Media in this capacity is the perfect fit for me now that I have TV shows to host at Sky News. It's a great thrill to be asked back and an honour to be tasked with filling in for the great Alan Jones once again in the prime breakfast shift.
“As for the weekends, bring it on. It'll be a mix of breaking news, compelling issues, great lifestyle information and a stack of fun, with some of my great radio friends.”

His new show will launch launch on Saturday, January 18, 2020.



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Anthony The Koala
19 December 2019 - 12:39pm
This is a bold prediction and IF I AM WRONG, then I AM WRONG. Based on my comment at and my re-reading the article in the Daily Telegraph, that Chris Smith will not be with Paul B Kidd given that " has not been revealed whether he’ll be doing the same 9am to 2pm timeslot on Saturdays and Sundays......", .

What I can foresee is that within a few months, Chris Smith may well return to weekday afternoons, 1200-1500 vacating the spot on weekends 0900-1400 (non NRL season) or 0900-1300 (NRL season) leaving an opportunity for George & Paul to return. This is in particular if the new weekday presenter Deb Knight irrespective of her talent does not produce the ratings. Chris Smith is known to be the market leader for over 90+ surveys.

On top of that, it is also on the proviso that there is a meeting of the minds between Paul B. Kidd and management and George Moore and management and whether Paul B. Kidd and George will want to reunite.

Management must learn not to fix what's not broken.

If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong.

Thank you,
Anthony of strategic Belfield
Peter Brett
20 December 2019 - 4:07am
Yes to George and Paul. Their breaking up was a very bad mistake. (from a Melbourne listener, one of many).
Anthony Bollea
20 December 2019 - 5:41am
“Paul B. Kidd and George will want to reunite”

‘Want’ to reunite?

George will be back in a split second as soon as management would agree to his defamation insurance. The only reason he left is because he’s petrified that one of his many slanderous missives might land him in court. Once he can insult and belittle others with impunity while hiding behind lawyers and insurance then he will return faster than a speeding bullet!
20 December 2019 - 9:17am
Whoever it was who made the decision to attempt a swap of Steve Price for Chris Smith on Afternoons at 2GB should have this disaster forever as testament of a failure to rightly read audiences. That person should not be given another opportunity to decide programming and on-air presenters. What a disaster! In six months Steve Price took Afternoon ratings down more than 3%. Steve Price established success at Nights off the back of the first hour having the popular and entertaining Andrew Bolt. Rita Panahi was a bit of a help after departure of Andrew Bolt.

There was something displeasing about the way Steve Price dealt with callers.

The manager at 2GB should have been able to see all that before embarking on the turmoil generating decision that was.
5 January 2020 - 4:02pm
Yes what a monumental stuff up that was trying to move Chris from Afternoons. Just shows how stupid 'management' really is.

Good to know he's coming back after telling them where to stick their offer ... and nice to see him on Sky too. But a more casual style would be better ... lose the tie and suit!

As for Steve Price ... who cares!
Anthony The Koala
13 January 2020 - 7:21pm
Following the article at, I may be well be right that Paul B Kidd will not be with Chris Smith on weekends either 0900-1400 (non-NRL season) or 0900-1300 (NRL season).

While I WAS WRONG to say that Paul B Kidd will not return to 2GB, Paul B Kidd's return to 2GB with John Stanley will only be until the start of the NRL season. What happens after the NRL season remains to be heard.

I still hold that irrespective of the presenter's talents (as at 13-01-2020) on the Monday-Friday 1200-1500 shift does not produce the ratings within a few months, Chris Smith will replace the incumbent as he was a proven market leader for the timeslot.

HOWEVER, if the new presenter does produce the ratings by becoming the market leader then management should learn from the pre-Tom Malone management days to NOT FIX SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BROKEN.

Thank you,
Anthony from frank-and-sensible Belfield
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