Damian Martin’s wife gets “a little caught up in the moment!”

Boomer’s guard, Damian Martin spoke to hit92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody live from his locker room in Rio this morning, opening up about his post-game emotions, his wife’s spontaneous tweeting and the incoming support from back home.  
The Perth Wildcats Captain admitted the Australian team is feeling the disappointment after their tough game against USA saw them devastatingly miss out on victory by 10 points, with a final score of 88-98.
“It’s a pretty solemn and quiet locker room,” he said.
“You do really have to move on because in 48 hours, you’re back on the court.
Although Martin explained that he hasn’t had a chance to sit down and reflect on the game, he sure had something else to think about after receiving a text from his wife that she had tweeted Team USA’s Kevin Durant saying her hubby just stripped him of the ball, don’t forget the #micdrop

“She may have got a little caught up in the moment,” he said.
“I’m glad I wasn’t wearing my Kevin Durant shoes!
Despite the disappointment the team is understandably feeling after their loss to Team USA, Martin says the support they have received from home and people all over the world has been overwhelming.
“I’ve been inundated with family, friends, strangers from Perth and all around Australia wishing us all the best and it’s been fantastic, all the support we received.

Take a listen to the full chat.



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