David Turrell wins the Michael Law Award #CBAAConf

David Turrell has been presented with the prestigious Michael Law Award at the Community Radio Awards Gala Dinner at this year’s CBAA conference in Melbourne.

This award recognizes the sustained and outstanding contribution by an individual to community broadcasting, and this years winner Award winner has had significant involvement across the CBAA, sector organisations and multiple stations

David was a founder of one of Australia’s first sub-metro stations, 5PBA FM is Salisbury, SA, in 1978.

As well as managing the station for a number of years, David served on the PBAA (now CBAA) board in the 1980’s, including a role as vice-president radio.

He worked with Michael Law and others in developing the Codes of Practice for community radio, and was involved in the establishment of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

David also developed what was possibly the first national music tape exchange that promoted local music, using Australia Post for content delivery.

He established the SA PBA (now SACBA) in 1983, serving as president for a number of years.

He was also CEO for Christian Media Australia for 8 years and is currently a member of the CMTO Board as well as serving in his second term as CEO of 1079 Life.