Delivering daily December serves of Christmas Podding

Christmas is a busy time for most, and that’s certainly true for Christmas Podding hosts Vanessa Gibson and Liam Renton.

They’re producing daily episodes of their popular Christmas podcast from now until Christmas Day.

They say it’s very similar to doing a daily radio show – something they’re both very familiar with. “Being a breakfast radio Executive Producer at the KIIS network for many years prepared me very well,” says Renton. “We are super prepared, have researched engaging topics, there are guests ready to chime in and we have an extensive daily run sheet complete with festive one-liners, jokes and off-the-cuff remarks.”

Gibson says listeners often can’t believe there’s enough content to keep the podcast running right through the year, as well as the daily episodes closer to Christmas.

“That amount of content doesn’t just happen,” she says. “Because the subject matter is quite niche, it can make it hard for find, but we search high and low for engaging, informative and emotive topics, which all add to the festive spirit.”

Some of the topics up for discussion this Christmas include how to navigate Christmas with blended families, the modern rules of re-gifting, and one that always splits opinions – marriage proposals at Christmas.

Friend of the podcast and KIIS Summer Drive host Dom Fay recently shared with Christmas Podding his heartbreaking story of getting engaged on Christmas Eve, only to have the relationship later end, and the devastating effect that had on his life-long love of Christmas.

Dom joined the podcast while juggling his national drive commitments.

Download your daily does of festive spirit each day this month here.

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