Fifi and Dave for Fox breakfast

SCA has answered one of the big questions about Melbourne Radio for next year:  just who will be replacing Matt & Jo on the Fox FM breakfast show?
In a not unexpected announcement, Fifi Box will be making a move from the Network Drive show – but rather than current on-air partner Jules Lund, her new breakfast co-host will be Melbourne stand up and regular radio contributor, Dave Thornton.
Announcing the new show, Head of Today Network Dave Cameron said “Fifi and Dave for Breakfast represent a completely fresh approach for The Fox in 2014. Both are already individually loved by Fox listeners having been a part of our line up for a while, but finally they’re together in the same timeslot. This will be such a funny show for listeners to wake up to on The Fox next year”. Hear the on air announcement below.

Fifi told radioinfo that doing the breakfast show will fit in beautifully with being a new Mum. Talking about her baby girl Trixie, Fifi said: “I haven’t slept in for 6 months. At the moment she gets me up at 5am and I go to bed with her at 7pm. Doing breakfast I’ll obviously be home earlier in the day – and that will help me with my maternal duties.

“I’m so honoured and excited by the big move to breakfast. Growing up in Melbourne it was my pie-in-the-sky dream to one day be doing the Fox FM breakfast show, so I’m pinching myself right now! And to work with a great mate like Dave makes the dream even better, because between all the talking and laughs I think there’s a pretty good chance he’ll make me breakfast in the morning, and really that’s what friends are for.”
After ten years of success with Matt & Jo, Fifi and Dave have some big shoes to fill.  The new show will go to air in January.
No news at this stage on what will be happening with the Today Network Drive Show.