Gladys, finance, and the effects of creativity on mental health, feature in new podcasts

New podcasts released this week include Gladys Berejiklian on Lunch with Lee, Mamamia’s new finance podcast for women, and from MakeShift, In the Makingthat examines the mental health benefits of creativity

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian joined Shane Lee to talk about leadership, politics and entering a male-dominated industry in the latest episode of Lunch with Lee.
Berejiklian has become a household name over the past 18 months, and explained that her leadership style has been about putting people first. She said, “I’ve never tried to be in people’s faces. COVID and the bushfires changed that because I was in everyone’s living rooms almost every day.”
“People don’t want you to tell them what to do, they just want to know that your team is competent and you’re there for the right reasons.”
Berejiklian was joined on the podcast by Todd Greenberg, who has recently moved into a new role as CEO of the Australian Cricketers’ Association.
Todd spoke about how important he thinks sport is for the mental health of the country, especially during the pandemic saying, “I think sport in this country is so synonymous with what Australia stands for and during difficult times in COVID we were so fortunate we were able to keep our sports on, because it gave something as an aspiration for people to keep engaged with.”

Mamamia has launched ‘What The Finance’, their latest bespoke podcast series to help women navigate the financial side of everyday life.
‘What The Finance’ is an eight-episode podcast co-hosted by ex-accountant and financial educator, Melissa Browne, and actress, author and advocate Pallavi Sharda.
From Savings and Debt to Housing, Investing and Relationships, the series will assist young women looking to make more informed decisions about their finances.
Head Of Podcasts at Mamamia, Lize Ratliff, says,  ”Podcasts excel at providing utility, very conveniently, and this new series with Westpac does just that. Each episode covers a key topic to help women feel more confident in their financial choices.”

 A new podcast In the Making, was launched this week, examining the mental health benefits of creativity. 
In the Making showcases the stories of high profile Australian artists and creators such as musician Bec Sandbridge, Aboriginal Woman of the Year Kirli Saunders and visual artist Josh Heath and how they have used creative practice, like sewing, knitting, painting, writing or singing, to get through tricky times in their lives.
The podcast is the brainchild of MakeShift, an Australian education and support agency which brings the innovative application of art forms and creative practice to mental health support and treatment.

Co-Founder of MakeShift, Cailtin Marshall,  says, “We all know that exercise and mindfulness support our mental health and wellbeing, but what about creativity? The stories explored in the In the Making podcast reveal how picking up a paint brush or a guitar can be a powerful and effective part of your mental health and wellbeing toolkit.”



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