Gunman monitoring several stations: Talking to ABC and 2GB

It is understood that the gunman, holed up in the Lindt Chocolate shop in Sydney’s Martin Place with, what police describe as an undisclosed number of hostages, is monitoring a number of radio stations and is contact with ABC radio as well as 2GB.

2GB’s Ray Hadley has just come back from an ‘extended break’ where he was off air. Whether he was speaking to a hostage or the gunman is unclear, but he has not put the call LIVE to air as the gunman demands.

Instead he has pleaded with him on air to at least let any women and children go.

Hadley has suggested that through his conversation with someone inside the Lindt shop that it seems at least one person is unwell and requires medical assistance.

He also says that he believes the gunman is representing Islamic State and is angry that the “message is hidden from the public.” 

Hadley has assured the gunman, who is monitoring his show, that “the message” has well and truly got out.


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