Ita to nail Kyle

Ita has plans for the KIIS FM host following an early morning ambush.

The Australian media columnist Stephen Brooks talks to Ita Buttrose on the latest podcast of ‘Behind the Media’, discussing ‘old bull and young bull’ Sir Frank and Kerry Packer, what’s wrong with gossip magazines, and her desire to get even with Kyle Sandilands. 

‘I think there’s a cut off as far as gossip goes, I think people will weary of it. That’s my view,’ says Buttrose.

”Well you’ve looked at that from both sides, your niece and nephew have both been written about, solely because of their connections with you, and Kyle and Jackie O, you’ve been on talking about Studio 10 …’

‘Yes but only because they ambushed me in hair and makeup, I picked up the phone and they said “oh and we’re on air”.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Well I was in hair and make up and the phone rang and I picked it up, and they said “hi …'”I didn’t really get who they said were at first, so that was an ambush interview.”

‘Right, you were set up.’

‘Normally you ask people if you’d like to come on the show, but anyway it happened so I answered their questions, and that was that.

‘And so I don’t think I actually approve of that kind of interview, and I’m very wary now of just answering the phone . But normally when it’s that early in the morning – it was 7 o’clock or whatever – you think it’s my daughter, it’s about baby-sitting, its something to do with the show.’ 

‘It could be something important, yes’

‘Not that Kyle and Jackie O are not important!’

‘Have you given them a piece of your mind, subsequent …’

‘No but they’re coming on Studio 10 shortly, I’ll nail them then (laughs)’

‘Cos I imagine you can be quite formidable if you find the occasion warrants it.’

‘Heaven forbid!’ 

‘You can’t be successful unless you‘ve got a bit of …’

‘You have to be tough.’

Here the full interview here

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