Jason Bouman’s Mix 106.5 Resignation: The Facts

Contrary to reports in the Sydney Daily Telegraph Jason Bouman says his resignation from MIX106.5 had nothing to do with reported animosity between his breakfast co-host and Sammy Power.

“In fact,” he has told radioinfo, “I can guarantee that we are one hundred per cent cool with each other and always have been. She was a huge support during my marriage break-up and, in return, I supported her through her last nvarchar(15)y break-ups with boyfriends!”

Questioned about whether possible changes to the program had concerned him, Bouman says he had been worried about rumoured changes to the line-up with the possibility of a third male host being brought in to the mix.

“I was also unhappy with the debates we did a couple of times a week. As I had to take a stand on whatever the subject was it made my character polarizing to the audience. In fact I was getting quite antagonistic messages from some upset listeners.”

In response to radioinfo’s question as to why he chose to resign on a Tuesday Bouman explained he had been away for a few days the previous week “actually lying in bed sick with food poisoning,” which had given him time to think about his future. “Apart from everything else I really wanted more time to spend with my kids who are three and five. By the weekend I’d decided I didn’t want to go back. When I told the network my decision they thought it would be silly for me to briefly return then go away again.”

“I have to say that the network have been marvellous toward me. They made a very generous and genuine contract offer for me to continue, but I just feel I’ve made the right decision to move on. The last five, fantastic years have honestly been my best time in radio. My biggest disappointment was not being able to say goodbye to our listeners.”

Asked whether he has any immediate plans to return to the airwaves he told radioinfo: “Well, right now there’s nothing on the table. I guess I’m now in that dreadful period of hoping the phone will ring.”