Justin to Dye for?

First it was Britney, then Cameron, but will Justin Timberlake make it “never more than two blondes in a row” when he meets Nova 969’s resident ‘maneater’ and ‘Senorita’, Bianca Dye, today at 11am.

Dye will broadcast what’s billed as ‘an intimate hour’ with the Grammy award winning singer, saying they got on so well, she’ll definitely be seeing him in June when he visits Sydney.

While she wasn’t allowed to mention B, C or J (Britney, Cameron or Janet), she apparently did manage to get Justin to wrap his mouth around an expression he considered extremely saucy!

Nova wants listeners to hear what it was and find out if gentlemen really do prefer blondes, when Dye gets up close and personal with Justin Timberlake.